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Niche Manufacturer of Beauty, Cleanroom & Healthcare Disposable Products - Soyee Singapore Cleanroom njoy increased savings of Time and Money without sacrificing any of your quality standards by using Soyee disposable products.If you are in the Beauty, Healthcare, Cleanroom or critical manufacturing industry, you can discover quality, cost-effective and time saving product solutions to suit your industry needs at Soyee Soyee Singapore CleanroMore importantly, you'll find our unique Beauty Disposable Products, Healthcare Supplies, or Cleanroom Consumables and Equipment will make a real difference to the bottom profit line of your business operation.Commencing Soyee Singapore Cleanroomn operations in 2000, Soyee Soyee Singapore Cleanroom in now well established as a major distributor to various Soyee Singapore Cleanroomn industries ranging from the gentle Beauty treatment industry, to the essential Healthcare area and onto the state-of-the-art Cleanroom and critical manufacturing environments. Our diverse range of disposable products can provide your business with solutions to the never-ending requirements of niche industries and critical working environments.Beauty Industry When looking for that 'ideal product', you'll find that our diverse range of versatile non-woven materials and beauty disposable products present holistic solutions to the vital hygiene requirements of beauty, therapeutic and relaxation treatments. Within the areas of Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and Make-up, to Massage, Nail Treatment, Spa and Health Resorts, Soyee beauty disposable products will enhance your industry profile by providing you with the perfect solution to your particular treatment needs.Healthcare IndustryFor professionals working within the healthcare industries of aged care, hospitals, nursing homes and childcare facilities, Soyee provides you with quality disposable products designed to address hygiene control and safeguard user safety and care. Throughout the industry you'll find Soyee's essential healthcare disposable products helping to provide staff and patients with a clean and healthy environment. Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective disposable products without sacrificing any of your required healthcare standards.Clean Room Industry With extensive experience within clean room and controlled manufacturing industries, Soyee provides you with solutions to your diverse needs in Contamination and Static Control. Our cleanroom consumable products form an integral part of manufacturing and research processes within the Aerospace, Electronic, Photonic, PCB, Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Nanotechnology, Automotive and Printing industries. When in need of clean room equipment and supplies be sure to contact Soyee for professional advice and service.Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations by maintaining strict quality control, and providing competitive prices and unsurpassed customer service. You'll find our professionalism, product knowledge, reliability and total commitment to your satisfaction guarantees an enjoyable business experience when dealing with Soyee.Strategically located in Sydney, with offices and manufacturing in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines, Soyee Soyee Singapore Cleanroom can offer you the services of superior OEM products and sourcing that meet with Soyee Singapore Cleanroomn, EU and US standards. Positioned within the hub of Soyee Singapore Cleanroom and Southeast Asia, our strength lies in providing crucial short lead times, quality products, competitive prices, and the innovation and motivation needed to stay abreast of the rapidly changing global marketplace.